Meet Poopsie, The Animated Poop Mascot Your Pet Can Create Themselves

The marvels of our modern world never cease to amaze, like this animated halo-wearing poop named Poopsie. Poopsie, clearly inspired by perfectly coiled real-life pet poops, is the new mascot of an ad campaign from the pet food brand, Halo.

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His presence has made quite a stink. Not only is Poopsie a delight for pets to be around — especially since they can't smell him — but it also serves a wonderfully informative poo-rpose.

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It encourages pet owners to help give their animals the best food so that they can create the healthiest poops. That food, of course, happens to made by the Halo brand, according to the ads, because Halo uses whole meat product instead of meat meal.

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According to the video, an added benefit of a Poopsie-like poop is not only knowing that your pet's digestive tract is healthy and harmonious, but the poop itself is supposedly "a pleasure to scoop."


Of course, not everyone is particularly excited about featuring the famous fecal. In fact, the responses have been a bit scattered.

But not everyone is abso-pooply against the precious Poopsie. Some people are totally feeling it.

For their own part, it seems as though Halo's relationship with Poopsie is just getting sharted.

This isn't the first time people have made jokes about #2 being their #1 priority. The Sprinkle Brigade got pretty famous from their creative repackaging of leftover pet poops.

They even have a documentary about the messy story behind their adventures.

Pretty much anyone willing to be brave enough to get down and dirty can create something delightful out of poop.

Perhaps Poopsie's popularity will usher in a new wave of pet poop enthusiasts who will not only monitor their animal's poops but enthusiastically share them with the rest of the world. Maybe someday there will be competitions with judges judging the excellence of poop based on health, style, coil length, and overall presentation. Or, you know, something like that.

Despite their excitement around their new mascot, Halo hasn't specifically asked for people to share pictures of their pet's perfect poops. But, if they turn out anywhere near as cute as the glowing Poopsie, it's likely pet owners won't be able to help themselves.

After all, nobody can deny that a great poop is the sh*t.

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