28 Bizarre Photoshopped Hybrid Animals We Wish Existed IRL

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There are literally millions of species of animals on Earth (8.7 million, to be exact), but some very imaginative people have been able to come up with even more—and create them in Photoshop. Oh, internet, right?

Here are 28 bizarre (and mildly disturbing—but what on Redditisn't​?) animal hybrids.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. The GoldenSeal

2. The Owl Cat

3. The Giant Piganda

4. The Donkiwi

5. The Meercat

6. The Gullsnake

7. The Girmingo

8. The Llamat

9. The Seagoat

10. The Meereater (aka the star of your next nightmare)

11. The Gullibull

12. The Potbellied Meerpig

13. The Mountain Roat (aka a R.O.U.S.)

14. The Jumping Wallat

15. The Gorrilimu

16. The Meermaid

17. The Searam

18. The Donkeybara

19. The Meerrel

20. The Ottuck (weirdly similar to a platypus)

21. A Prize-Winning Beagull

22. The Parrat

23. The Sea Mule

24. The Pikox

25. The Cat Squirrel

26. The Snotter

27. The Yakaque

28. The Gorrilabrador

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