Korat Cat Breed Facts & Information

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Korat Cat Breed Facts & Information
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Did you know your cat might not only be a cat, but also a good luck charm? Well, it could be if you decide to adopt the Korat, a cat that originates in Thailand and is known as a good luck charm.


If you're looking to adopt a cat and want a friendly, loving cat who will be your constant companion, then the Korat might be right for you. Here, we give you all the info you need to know about this very special silver-gray cat.

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Korat cat basics

The Korat is a storied breed. Korats are beautiful silvery cats with prominently pointed ears and bright green eyes. They hail from Thailand originally, where they are known as symbols of luck and prosperity. Korats are related to Siamese cats.


Korats are highly affectionate and energetic cats. However, they are slow to mature and may not reach full physical and emotional development until 5 years of age. Along with that, their eyes don't develop that beautiful green color until 2-4 years old, so don't be surprised if a Korat kitten looks different than you'd expect.


Though otherwise healthy, Korats are prone to a deadly genetic disease known as GM-1 and GM-2 gangliosidosis. Luckily, there is a genetic test that can identify cats that are carriers of the disease before those cats are bred, so a breeder should be able to prove that kittens don't have the disease.


Korat cat breed history

If you like good luck charms, then this is the cat for you. Korats are a living good luck charm in their home country of Thailand. Korats have also been known as the Si-Sawat cat. They are said to date back to the 14th century, and traditionally the cats are not purchased, but instead presented, always in pairs, as popular gifts.


The first pair of Korats to arrive in the U.S. were a gift to a couple who retired after years of foreign service in Thailand. The cats were brought home to the U.S. by the couple in 1959, and their names were Nara and Darra.

Korat cat personality

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Korats are smart and highly opinionated cats, who like to be in charge. These cats prefer to be the ruler of the house, but they get along well with dogs and children if their authority isn't questioned. Korats love to be around their humans, and they can be quite possessive. They don't like being alone, so they'll do best with the companionship of humans or other pets.



These are energetic cats that love to play and exercise. They love to learn tricks, and they like to go outside and walk on a leash. However, although they love toys, they're not great at sharing, so make sure to have plenty of toys to go around. Korats are also highly intelligent. They love to learn and solve puzzles, so tricks or puzzle toys make a great way to keep them occupied.


Although they're not overly verbal, Korats will vocally let their humans know how they're feeling. So be prepared for some feedback and a few demands.

Korat cat breed appearance

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Korats have a silver-gray, short-hair single coat; so it doesn't need much care. Giving them a weekly or twice weekly brushing will keep their coat shiny and healthy. Korats are a medium build cat, but they're muscular, so they tend to feel heavier than they look. But probably their most iconic feature is the Korat's beautiful, bright peridot green eyes.


As far as other upkeep for your Korat, their large ears can get dirty, so make sure to keep those clean. They can be wiped out with a damp cloth or cotton ball dipped in a 50-50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water.

Korat essential facts

  • Personality: ​Affectionate, smart, and proud
  • Shedding: ​Seasonally
  • Grooming: ​Weekly
  • Good with Children: ​Yes
  • Good with Other Pets:​ Yes
  • Size:​ Medium
  • Weight:​ 6-10 pounds
  • Life Expectancy:​ 10-15 years

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