The 35 Chubbiest Puppy Bellies Of 2017

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2017 has been a weird year with lots of strange, pinch-me-it-cant-be-true headlines.


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But in these polarizing times, there's one thing that can bring us all together and restore peace to the galaxy: chubby puppies and their adorable chubby puppy bellies.

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To this end, we've pulled together a list of our 35 favorite puppy potato bellies of 2017, the ones cutespotters everywhere have been buzzing about and sharing on their timelines.

Scroll through it below, but remember: These puppies aren't fat, there's just mohr to luv.



2. He's thicc through the chest.

3. 99 problems, but chiseled abs ain't one.

4. My face when I remember it's Taco Tuesday.

5. * Cute Monitor immediately self-destructs from puppy overload *

6. My kingdom for a bowtie in the shape of a dog bone; come on Internet this needs to be a thing ALREADY!

7. Paws ⬇️⬇️⬇️ if you love big mutts and can not lie.

8. Now accepting tickles.

9. Already headtilting at a 12th grade level.

10. * Dashes off to adopt ALL the chubby pups because reasons *

11. The only thing missing from this snuggle party is me, myself, and I.

12. Your lap = their bed

13. More rolls than a bakery.

14. "Wake me when it's time for second breakfast."

15. Exercise caution, slippery roads and cuddle puddles ahead.

16. Baked potato belly for the win!


18. Are puppy bellies really just furry head pillows for humans? (Axing 4 a fren)

19. That tongue!

20. That bells!

21. This bells!

22. My heart just exploded, RIP my heart.

23. Draw me like one of your French bulldogs.

24. "They call me Adidas because all day I dream about snacks."

25. Just like the model in a Rubens' portrait, this baby boxer is vol-pup-tuous (don't @ me).

26. The moment you realize there are no more cookies.

27. Keep calm and puppy on.

28. "They call me Donut because I has curvezzz."

29. When that good boy is really a good 🐻

30. Someone's backdrop game is pawsitively perfect. #aesthetic #inspo

31. "Do you even lift, bro?"

32. When you opt for extra fries over exercise at lunch and you regret literally NOTHING.

33. Caution: Cutespotting can be hazardous to your heart.


35. As my trainer likes to say, it's not fat, it's just a rounding error 😉