The 35 Chubbiest Puppy Bellies Of 2017

2017 has been a weird year with lots of strange, pinch-me-it-cant-be-true headlines.

But in these polarizing times, there's one thing that can bring us all together and restore peace to the galaxy: chubby puppies and their adorable chubby puppy bellies.

To this end, we've pulled together a list of our 35 favorite puppy potato bellies of 2017, the ones cutespotters everywhere have been buzzing about and sharing on their timelines.

Scroll through it below, but remember: These puppies aren't fat, there's just mohr to luv.


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2. He's thicc through the chest.

3. 99 problems, but chiseled abs ain't one.

4. My face when I remember it's Taco Tuesday.

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5. * Cute Monitor immediately self-destructs from puppy overload *

6. My kingdom for a bowtie in the shape of a dog bone; come on Internet this needs to be a thing ALREADY!

7. Paws ⬇️⬇️⬇️ if you love big mutts and can not lie.

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8. Now accepting tickles.

9. Already headtilting at a 12th grade level.

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10. * Dashes off to adopt ALL the chubby pups because reasons *

11. The only thing missing from this snuggle party is me, myself, and I.

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12. Your lap = their bed

13. More rolls than a bakery.

14. "Wake me when it's time for second breakfast."

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15. Exercise caution, slippery roads and cuddle puddles ahead.

16. Baked potato belly for the win!

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18. Are puppy bellies really just furry head pillows for humans? (Axing 4 a fren)

19. That tongue!

20. That bells!

21. This bells!

22. My heart just exploded, RIP my heart.

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23. Draw me like one of your French bulldogs.

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24. "They call me Adidas because all day I dream about snacks."

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25. Just like the model in a Rubens' portrait, this baby boxer is vol-pup-tuous (don't @ me).

26. The moment you realize there are no more cookies.

27. Keep calm and puppy on.

28. "They call me Donut because I has curvezzz."

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29. When that good boy is really a good 🐻

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30. Someone's backdrop game is pawsitively perfect. #aesthetic #inspo

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31. "Do you even lift, bro?"

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32. When you opt for extra fries over exercise at lunch and you regret literally NOTHING.

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33. Caution: Cutespotting can be hazardous to your heart.


35. As my trainer likes to say, it's not fat, it's just a rounding error 😉