A Frightened Great Dane Reveals The Most Zero F**ks-Giving Cats Of 2017

A frightened Great Dane exposes the most zero f**ks-giving cats of 2017
credit: Imgur

Hello, my very good friends. It's me, Thor, and we need to talk about cats.

I have seen a lot of cats in 2017. Many of them don't seem to give a f*k about anything, and this makes me very concerned. Here are some cats I know who don't give any f * ks.

1. This is Cecil. As you can see, he “donut” care about anything. Very perturbing.

Cat sleep next to pillow that says "I Donut Care"
credit: Reddit

2. This is my friend, Cody, who is a good dog, and Ginger, who is NOT a good dog. She is a bed thief! Very concerning!

Sad looking dog in foreground, with cat on big dog bed in background
credit: Reddit

3. This is Nemo, and he doesn't want to play. Suspicious. Approach with caution.

4. Smokey doesn't give a f**k that he got furs all over his human's clothing. Unacceptable!

Gray cat next to black fabric covered in cat hair.
credit: Reddit

5. This is Willow, who will stick her nose into anything. She is small, but a big concern to me.

Kitten sticking its head into a glass of water.
credit: Reddit

6. This is Murphy. He cheats at board games and he is not even a little bit sorry.

Orange cat chewing on a token from the board game Sorry!
credit: Reddit

7. Gus doesn't give a f**k about personal space. Not to be trusted! The cuddles are a lie!

8. This is Boba. He will bully you online and not feel bad about about it. Very mean!

Cat looking at laptop screen.
credit: Cheezburger

9. Bowie put his footsies in wet paint and doesn't care. Extremely unsettling.

Kitten next to paw prints made on freshly painted surface.
credit: Reddit

10. Ruby isn't scared of a dinosaur. She should be scared of dinosaurs! I am!

11. Sammy is unplugging the fan and doesn't care that he got caught. Maybe malicious intent? Very much a concern!

Cat caught in the act of unplugging box fan.
credit: Reddit

12. This is Marshmallow. Dangerous! Avoid!

13. Gilda is getting in the way of food. Why? Why would anyone do that?

Cat draped across stovetop.
credit: Reddit

14. This is my friend, Layla, and her roommate, Jojo, who is rude, and selfish, and makes me very nervous.

15. Caution! Maggie hides under pillows! Very startling, would not recommend.

Cat sleeping inconspicuously under pillow
credit: Reddit

16. Elmer gives no f**ks about where his tail goes. None at all. Not even one!

17. This is Penny. Penny is very mean! Do not approach!

Cat wearing sign that says "I hit a guide dog puppy"
credit: Tumblr

18. Splotch and Minnie made a huge mess, and they didn't give a single f**k.

Cats on table surrounded by knocked over potted plants.
credit: Imgur

19. This is Oscar, and he is almost definitely plotting something. Be wary!

Kitten relaxing in flower planter pot.
credit: Reddit

20. Sophie ruined her human's game, and she doesn't care. Very perturbing.

Cat sitting next to gaming controller.
credit: Cheezburger

21. Murphy doesn't care about weddings!

Bridge and groom in background, partially blocked by cat displaying its rear in foreground
credit: Bored Panda

22. This is Socrates, and his face makes me uncomfortable. I don't think he has ever given a f**k.

Stern-looking cat sitting on picnic table.
credit: Reddit

23. Finn is a troublemaker! He wants to destroy everything you love.

24. Lucy doesn't care that her human is trapped under a car! Very distressing!

Cat sitting on lap of person under car.
credit: Reddit

25. Cats are unpredictable, and this is something my very good friend, Ronan, learned the hard way. Scary!

26. Ziggy's doing a poo in his food! He does not give a f**k about anything!

Kitten crouching in plastic container of kibble.
credit: Imgur

27. Mr. Fuzzles does bad things and doesn't care at all. I am deeply dismayed.

28. Peaches doesn't give even one f**k that her human is locked out. That's very upsetting!

Cat looking down from balcony.
credit: Cheezburger

29. Savannah is tiny and filled with rage! Avoid!

Kitten shredding shower curtain (1)
credit: Imgur
Kitten shredding shower curtain (2)
credit: Imgur
Kitten shredding shower curtain (3)
credit: Imgur
Kitten shredding shower curtain (4)
credit: Imgur

30. Ingrid breaks knick-knacks without batting an eyelash. She definitely doesn't give a f**k!

Cat with sign that says "I break antiques. What are you going to do about it?"
credit: Tumblr

31. Moomoo farted directly into the face of my very good friend, Sunny. Outrageous and disrespectful!

32. This is Luna. Luna's human thinks she's a bad kitty, and Luna doesn't care at all. Very worrisome!

Cat with sign that says "Bad Kitty"
credit: Tumblr

In conclusion, cats are very scary, even the tiny ones. Exercise extreme caution around them. Stay safe out there, good friends!