Just 23 Photos Of Happy Dogs Who Are So Excited To Go Camping With You

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These dogs are better at camping than you'll ever be.

Who says sleeping in the Great Outdoors has to be so ruff?


1. Ain't no cuddle puddle like a hammock cuddle puddle.

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2. "The day can't start until I've had my coffee."

3. Is that a puppy or a baby kangaroo?

4. TFW when your dog has an epic side quest for you.

5. "Any room in there for us?"

6. "He's right behind me, isn't he?"

7. "Here's the deal: I fetch the wood, you build the campfire."

8. "This is my cozy face."

9. If your dog doesn't have his own tent what are you even doing with your life?

10. "Good, for a second there I thought you were going to shoot it in vertical mode."

11. No tent, no problem!

"Technically speaking, car camping is camping."

12. 12/10 dog lovers would join this good boy on an adventure.

13. Morning vibes.

14. This is what friendship goals looks like.

15. "What kind of rabbit is this?"

16. "Human, I have brought you a frozen stick. Pls throw."

17. "Doin me a sunset snooze."

18. Hipster dog was into camping before camping was cool.

19. "I'm a dog, a dog with a photo blog."

"I'll wait here as long as I need to to get the shot."

20. Reason 24,362 why the Pacific NW is heaven on Earth for doggos.

21. Judges: "We'll allow it."

22. "Oh hai!"

23. When she's not running social for a startup in the pet food space, this lab moonlights as an influencer for Puppagonia.


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