These 19 Dogs Posing For Their Owners Have People Saying ‘Awww’

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Dogs are such posers.


No, not like ​that​. We don't mean to suggest they're fake or vain or showoffs or status-grubbing, social climbers. What we mean to say is that they're photogenic AF — and some of them definitely know it.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

That's the takeaway — well, one of them at least — from a hilarious thread on Twitter in which pet owners shared pictures of their pups flashing their best smiles and fiercest looks for the camera.


It all started when Lindsey Adler, a sportswriter in New York, bumped a shot of her gorgeous pup, Fisher, to the top of her feed.

"Why does Fisher know how to pose?"

But it was Adler's caption/question — "Why does Fisher know how to pose?" — that really piqued the microblogging platform's collective interest because soon enough other people were piggybacking on the comment chain, proudly posting their dog's go-to, money shots.


"[W]e doin poses?" quipped Mina Kimes, a journalist with ESPN.

"Scout sometimes needs his grandma's reassuring hand to hold the pose, but I luv that killer smile💜🐶," added another. (No shame here, Scout, it's okay to be a little bashful.)

And on and on and on it went.



"He makes it look easy #werk"

"This is how I like my ear thanks"

[enters classroom] " this the Dog Poses 101?"

"Luna casually posing during a 'break' from walking two minutes"

"Remington flashing his best Blue Steel"

(On a scale of 1 to Ryan Gosling, how dreamy is Remington here? 🤩 🤩 🤩)



"Did someone say pose?"

"I have the 'Please sir, some more?' look down pat."

"I've wondered the very same about my boy Oscar! He even smiles on occasion 🤔"

"He’s a very regal beagle! 🐶👑🌟"

"Excuse me"

"We doing sexy time?”

"Wicket has it down too."

"Zoe’s always known how to find her best angles. 😂"

"A majestic smolder"

Still, this being the social web, some commenters called an audible or gleefully veered off-script with contributions that were more ham than glam.



"Wait. I wasn’t ready!!"

"Can he teach gordo cos he needs help"

"Dusty is embarrassed to be late to the poser party"

"He just wants to be included" [Extreme Alex Trebek voice: "Ok, we'll allow it."]

Funny stuff all around, amirite or amirite?


But leavened in the back-and-forth were also more serious attempts to crack the canine cam code, including this armchair anthropologist who floated a theory anchored around stuff like the observer-expectancy effect (don't worry, I didn't know what it was either):


"We’ve been sticking our phones in their faces since we got them, saying silly things to them, I think they know!"

A take, it should be noted, that the original poster responded to with a hard same. 🤜🤛 🤜🤛 🤜🤛


"omg (i agree)"

In the end, no critical consensus was reached on this v. important topic so further research, it appears, is necessary. Scrollers keep on scrollin' ....

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