15 Pups With Toned, Sexy Abs

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Jacked. Ripped. Chiseled: Like people, some dogs have the body of a Greek god.

Image Credit: Reddit

This post is not about them.

With Thanksgiving drawing close, let us turn our attention to the fluffs out there with curvy dad bods that are more about the Taco Bell than the barbell.


1. "Chest day? Never — * shrugs * — heard of it."

2. "The gym is cancelled."

3. "Live every week like it's Turkey Week." — this pug

4. "Things that are swole: my bank account. Things that aren't swole: me."

5. Today's forecast calls for fluffy clouds with a chance of meatballs.

6. "If I wanted a six-pack, mate, I'd waddle down to the bottle shop and grab some brews."

7. "Pull over, let's stop at that Arby's."

8. "Bro, the only legs I lift are chicken legs."

9. Me every year on the day after Thanksgiving. #spiritanimal

10. When the waiter walks past your table with a plate of fried shrimps.

11. Sound the little 🥔 belly alarm, because we a little 🥔 belly to share.

12. "I find that positioning myself between the table and the trash can is a successful strategy, but your results may vary."

13. Good boy isn't fat, he's just thicc through the torso.

14. Reminder: Lap dogs come in all sizes.

15. Human: "Wheeeeeeeeee!" Bulldog: "This is * not * okay."

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