Just 15 Of The Cutest Rats Ever

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Dogs and cats are totally adorable. I get it. But do you know which other animal is super cute? RATS!

1. Rats love food.

"Mine all mine!"

2. Rats + spaghetti = adorable.

giphy embed
giphy embed

3. Seriously. Is there anything cuter than a rat nibbling on a cracker?!

4. Rats are perfectly portable. You can carry them around in your boobs!

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5. Rats are fun playmates. Check out this game of rattie peek-a-boo.

6. Look at this cozy guy wearing a little rat sweater and rat hat.

Relationship goals.

7. What's three times cuter than a rat?

Three rats!

8. Rats have the tiniest snoots you can boop.

9. They love getting snuggly with teddy bears.

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10. Look at these little rat babies!

Little rat baby toes! And ears! And OMG look at those tails!

11. Rats don't even need fur to be cute.

Their cuteness comes from within.

12. Majestic AF!

13. Rats are even cute when they're chillin'.

Wait for that yawn.


I am dead.

15. Rats are even cute when they're derpy.

16.Taking a rattie snooze is a cute thing to do!

It's hard work being so cute!