Just 19 Pets From The '90s You Gotta See

Things were a lot cooler in the '90s.

1. Back in the '90s, computer monitors could warm an entire cat.

"If it's warms, I sits."

2. Here is a kitten planning to take over the internet. Even though the internet wasn't a thing yet.

3. And here we go.

4. Things were just more simple in the '90s.

5. This dog lived through the '90s. He enjoys sharing his life experiences with a new generation of pups.

6. This cat's favorite band is Purrvana.

His favorite song is "Heart-Shaped Litterbox."

7. This grunge cat thinks he's so hot with his flannel shirt and acoustic guitar.

The only song he knows is Stairway to Heaven.

8. This dog dressed in flannel listens to Sublime.

He also sells weed.

9. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch was one of the most popular television series of the '90s. It featured a sardonic and charming black cat named Salem. He's one of television's most iconic and beloved characters, according to me.

10. In the '90s, music was purchased from stores staffed with  judgmental people and lazy cats.

The cats were pretty judgmental too TBH.

11. Instead of ordering from Amazon, books were purchased from a bookstore staffed with a well-read feline.

12. Purrassic Park was a very popular movie.

13. The '90s were a special time where this could happen.

I'm not even sure what is happening, but it's the '90s.

14. This cat greatly improved a Collective Soul song.

Thanks cat!

15. Robots tried to take over as pets in the '90s, but it didn't happen.

16. When I was babysitting, I forced the kids to watch Wishbone. That little Jack Russel terrier loved to read the classics, and I loved him for it.

17. A pig named Babe made us all go vegetarian.

18. Phoebe from Friends happened.

19. Some of the best songwriters of the '90s had feline mewses.

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