20 Handy Tips For Having Animals Over As Dinner Guests

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Planning on having an animal for dinner soon? Here are 21 excellent tips to ensure your guests have a wonderful meal.


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1. When you're having herbivores for dinner, the salad course is the most important part of your dinner party.

2. Cats totally expect a cheese course at dinner.

3. Some people enjoy having snails for dinner.

4. Don't forget the chocolate cake when you have a pig for dinner!

5. Red Pandas are the most inconsiderate dinner guests. They will bring dessert, and then eat all of it.

6. Remember, tiny guests = tiny portions.

7. A good thing to serve is watermelon. Everyone loves it.

Maybe just save yourself the work and only serve watermelon?


8. If you're having a sloth for dinner, be sure to schedule accordingly.

It could take a while.


9. Hiring a CATerer is a good idea.

Don't use that joke though. They hate it.


10. He suggests having a chicken for dinner.

11. Remember, some animals eat with their hands.

They're not being rude. It's just how they eat.


12. Turkeys love pumpkin pie!

13. Plan on 2-3 servings of pasta for rats.

They can't get enough pasta!


14. I'm not 100 percent sure what this animal is, but I'd love to have him for dinner!

Editor's note: That is a chinchilla and yes we would also invite them into our house for a meal!


15. Here are a few ways to have chicken nuggets for dinner.

J/K chicks are friends not food!


16. Some animals prefer breakfast to dinner.

17. Did you know reptiles love ice cream!?

18. So do cats, but we all knew that.

19. You know what else cats love? That's right, bruschetta.

20. Dogs are pretty chill dinner guests. They're satisfied if you order a pizza.

21. If you order pizza for cats, make sure you add their favorite topping — peppurroni.

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