15 Pets Who Are Basically Liquid

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There's so much to love about our pets, like their unconditional love, their companionship, and the fact that they can instantly turn into a liquid for compact storage.

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Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. Hamster or puddle of melted vanilla ice cream?

2. From birb to blob

3. "This is Basil, and he is 1 gallon."

4. A puddle of pupper

5. "Turns out pretzels sink when dropped in a jar of cat."

6. Great Danes have been known to melt in high temperatures.

7. Little hamster droplets!

8. Who wants a glass of milk?

9. When you spill some bunny on your bunny.

10. You know it's time for a bigger bed when your current bed starts overflowing.

11. "This is why you open the window, so your dog doesn't melt."

12. Apparently this recipe calls for 100% liquid ingredients.

13. This cat soup clearly has plenty of beans!

14. Looks like someone spilled Mastiff all over the couch.

15. Next time it rains cats and dogs, make sure to check your roof for any strange liquids.