This Man Loses It When He's Reunited With His Pets After Hurricane Harvey

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When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas earlier this year, it devastated the city. People lost their homes, their priceless memories, and in some cases, their pets.

Lester Morrow thought he had been hit in a big way in the last category. The Maple Grove, Texas teacher lived on a 500-acre farm and was forced to leave his animals behind when he evacuated.

Morrow returned, sure his pets were all gone, but he got the best surprise.

First, he was reunited with his pig, Patty.

We're not crying; you're crying.


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Then, he found his pet goat, Meg.

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Then he found his farm horses.

And finally, his donkey, Irma Jean.

Watch the emotional reunion yourself.

Lester has been accepting donations on his GoFundMe page and, as of this writing, he's raised more than $13,000. He wrote that he's extremely grateful for the outpouring of support he's received and has pledged to give any extra money not needed for his own repairs to other members of his community who were impacted by Harvey.


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