Top 10 Pet Names From 1980s Sitcoms

Celebrate the decade of decadence by naming your next four-legged family member after a character from your favorite 1980s sitcom. Our totally rad top picks are below, followed by our longer list of nominees.


And the winners are:

1 - Norm (Cheers. For an affable, portly pet.)

2 - Woody (Cheers. For a pet who's a bit slow on the uptake.)

3 - Blanche (The Golden Girls. Perhaps for a cat or pup that appears to favor people of the male persuasion!)

4 - Tootie (The Facts of Life. For a nosy pet. Extra Points if you can teach your critter how to skate!)

5 - Webster (Webster. For a miniature breed.)

6 - Bull (Night Court. For a Great Dane or any other large breed.)

7 - Fresh Prince (a.k.a Will, Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

8 - Punky (Punky Brewster, perfect for a spunky little female pooch)

9 - Belvedere (Mr. Belvedere. For an aloof pet.)

10 - ALF (ALF - perfect for a dog with a penchant for bothering cats)

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Also nominated:

Sam (Cheers)

Diane (Cheers)

Carla (Cheers)

Cliff (Cheers)

Jack (Three's Company)

Dorothy (The Golden Girls)

Rose (The Golden Girls)

Sophia (The Golden Girls)

Stan (The Golden Girls)

Dreyfuss (the dog in The Golden Girls)

Muffy (Square Pegs)

Alex (Family Ties)

Mallory (Family Ties)

Elyse (Family Ties)

Skippy (Family Ties)

Carlton (Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

Jazz (as in DJ Jazzy Jeff, Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

Kip (Bosom Buddies)

Arnold (Diff'rent Strokes)

Willis (Diff'rent Strokes)

Blair (The Facts of Life)

Jo (The Facts of Life)

Ricky (Silver Spoons)

Dexter (Silver Spoons)

Alfonso (Silver Spoons)

Monroe (Too Close For Comfort)

Dr. Johnny Fever (WKRP)

"Big Guy" (Arthur Carlson's nickname, WKRP)

Les Nessman (WKRP)

Venus Flytrap (WKRP)

Bailey (WKRP)

Herb (WKRP)

Benson (Benson)

Harry (Night Court)

Roz (Night Court)