20 Animals Who Are Embracing Sweater Weather

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Grab your fuzziest socks and the pumpkin spice beverage of your choice. ​It's time to sit back and enjoy the warm feelings brought on by animals wearing sweaters.

1. She looks so cozy!

2. This pup belongs on the cover of an outerwear catalog.

3. While they perfect their natural sweaters, these lambs need a little help warming up.

4. Those eyes ... that turtleneck ... mesmerizing.

5. Pro tip: pet rats make great hand warmers if you let them hang out in your hoodie pocket.

6. There's no sweater warm enough to keep this dog from looking chill.

7. This wallaby has a cozy sweater and a delicious carrot, so maybe the world isn't such a bad place.

8. "Is it time to go the park yet? I want to show off my new sweater!"

9. Snails aren't traditionally considered cute, but that's because they're not usually wearing teeny tiny snail sweaters.

10. Someone decided to put a pom-pom on this puppy's hat as if it wasn't cute enough already.

11. Ever had a sweater so comfy you just had to jump for joy?

12. This cat looks a little less enthusiastic about the sweater situation.

13. Check it out: camooflage.

14. This snoozing piglet in a tiny sweater is squee-worthy even if the socks don't match.

15. Bring it on, winter!

16. You can never have enough goats in sweaters. NEVER.

17. "I don't always wear sweaters, but when I do, I look dapper af."

18. Where does one even obtain a horse-sized onesie?

19. Fashion-forward chickens.

20. This toasted marshmallow stays toasty with a sweater that looks soft as heck.

Alright, let's scroll through a few more galleries full of awesome pet photos! Start with these pups who look like little potatoes and then check out this list of cats who think they're in charge!

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