These 20 Cats Are Even Cuter Beneath A Magnifying Glass

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Ring the fun new meme bell because we have a fun new meme to share.

It comes, as they so often do, from everyone's favorite microblogging platform, Twitter, where cat owners in Japan have been snapping closeups of their furry companions with help from an unexpected filter, the humble magnifying glass.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Just like such.

Magnifying glass + cat = magnificat

And the results, judging by the tweets and 'grams compiled below, are pretty freaking adorable.

And fierce!

"Y u dew dis 2 mi hooman??"

Naturally, some participants are already over it.


But others are leaning in hard: "Hello beautiful."

All that's needed here for an IRL Nyan Cat is a rainbow.

We call this one resting sleep face.

The things we do for content: "So I took pictures of my cats with their heads under a magnifying glass and voila"

As one does.

"Monocle? Nah, never heard of it."

"I don't need to get up? Okay, snap away."

LOL, best one yet.

Uh, I'm retracting that previous statement. Because reasons.

Participants couldn't get enough of it: "Just found out that using a magnifying glass on a cat is hilarious"

Like any good meme, this one is fun for the whole fam: "This is my dad’s cat, Shadow, thru a magnifying glass.

"Please allow me a moment of your time.........these images are incredibly cat has laid down under my mom's lit up magnifying glass...."

And because the web is nothing if not social, the trend has spilled over to other sites such as Instagram, always a sign that a new meme has legs underneath it.

Dogs, not surprisingly, were quickly pressed into duty.

As were a motley mix of mousers.

The takeaway from this purrfect little phenomenon? Magnifying glass + cat = magnificat!

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