This Baby & Kitten Cuddling Are So Cute It'll Kind of Hurt Your Eyes

If you need something to pull you out of the back-to-work-after-a-long-holiday-weekend slump, this is it.

It's a video of a baby and a kitten cuddling that will melt your soul into a puddle of awws and happy tears.

The magical video comes courtesy of professional photographers Erin and Theresa Rouse of Hello Little, a Milwaukee-area photography studio. The baby in the video is Lainey, their cousin's daughter, and the kitten is named Eleven (extra squees if you're a Stranger Things fan). The short clip instantly went viral because how could it not?

The first video was such a success, they posted a second from the session.

Also, apparently, the magical moment was not carefully orchestrated, which just makes it more magical.

"It was a complete fluke," Erin told "We were in Texas and my cousin had given birth to gorgeous baby Lainey three weeks prior so we decided to do a newborn session in Erin's parent's dining room."

And the final product was totally gorgeous, of course.