29 Hilarious Memes For The Corgi Lover In All Of Us

There's a reason the Queen of England and the entire internet love corgis. It's because they're hecking adorable. The stubby little legs, boopable snoot, and big fuzzy ears, all wrapped up in one cuddly package.

What did we do to deserve corgis?

1. A helpful chart.

White, tan, and black corgis on a beach. Caption: Untoasted, Toasted, Burnt
credit: Twitter

2. But it's a corgi!

Woman petting a Corgi puppy. Caption: Yeah I like dogs too lady, calm down
credit: Reddit

3. A for effort

4. What an excellent gardener!

Corgi sitting next to pumpkin vine. Caption: She ate pumpking seeds, pooped them out, and they started growing.
credit: Reddit

5. "I demand walkies."

6. Whoa, this breed of rabbit looks just like a corgi.

Corgi puppy with ears held back to look like rabbit's ears.
credit: Reddit

7. What a waste!

Corgi stretched out on the ground. Caption: why would someone leave a perfectly good loaf of bread on the ground
credit: Imgur

8. RIP

9. The grass is always grayer on the other side.

Corgi straddling picket fence. Caption: When ur undecided about something
credit: Imgur

10. So helpful.

Corgi wearing glasses and reading book. Caption: This homework looks hard... do you want me to eat it?
credit: Imgur

11. For all you introverts out there.

Corgi in bed with laptop and snacks.
credit: Imgur

12. Coming in hot!


Corgi on its side in snow. Caption: Corgi Error, System Frozen, Restart? Y/N
credit: We Know Memes

14. Groan.

Photo set of Corgi next to cartoon Corgi key cap. Caption: "Guess what I call this key." "What?" "My... Corg-Key!!"
credit: Cheezburger

15. ǝɹǝɥʇ ᴉɥ

Corgi in backpack on subway looking at photographer upside down
credit: Instagram

16. Don't leave him hanging!

17. When measuring in inches just isn't precise enough.

Corgi lying in doorway lengthwise. Caption: My doorway is one Corgi wide.
credit: Imgur

18. We shall fight on the beaches ...

Corgi on beach pulling away from water. Caption: Breaking News, Rising ocean levels threaten Corgi
credit: Tumblr

19. Is this a monthly subscription service, and where do we sign up?

Corgi puppy in mailbox. Caption: Special delivery!
credit: Reddit

20. Those dance moves though!

21. Corgi butt, or loaf of bread?

Photo set of loaves of bread compared to Corgi butts.
credit: Imgur

22. What a goode doge.

Corgi with tea cup and saucer balanced on its head.
credit: Tumblr

23. Irresistible.

Corgi with camera and sunglasses lying on bed. Caption: Ladies.
credit: Tumblr

24. Almost? Almost.

Photo set of Corgi trying to eat Cheetos on table. Caption: Ever want something so, so badly that you were almost not lazy in order to get it?
credit: Cheezburger

25. Get this dog a modeling contract.

26. There better not be a purchase limit.

Corgis lying in dog beds on shelf at store with sign offering 20% off
credit: Instagram

27. Rude.

Corgi between to Corgi stuffed animals. Caption: Are you mocking me? Cuz I feel like I'm being mocked.
credit: Instagram

28. This good boy has a naughty side.

Corgi winking. Caption: How about I bury my bone in your backyard?
credit: Imgur

29. Corgis > gold

Corgi outside with rainbow.
credit: Tumblr