Carrie Fisher's Famous Dog, Gary, Is Caught In A Tug Of War But Not The Fun Kind

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With the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie premiering very soon, there's been lots of talk of the film's late, great star Carrie Fisher.


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Fisher, who passed away last year, not only left behind her daughter Billie Lourd, she also left behind her beloved pup Gary, who was her constant companion during interviews, book signings, and all sorts of high-profile affairs.

There has been, understandably, more demand for Gary around the world since fans feel like meeting the beloved long-tongued pup helps them feel closer to Fisher herself.

But, according to TMZ, there's some trouble in Gary-dise as Fisher's family isn't exactly pleased with the amount of demand that's been placed on Gary.

Though Lourd originally bought the pup, he quickly became besties with Fisher. When Fisher passed, Gary didn't return to Lourd as many people thought he might. Instead, he belongs to Fisher's long-time assistant, Corby McCoin.


Recent reports suggest that poor Gary may be caught in the middle of an emotional feud.

McCoin has been open to allowing Gary to make all sorts of public appearances as ComicCon's and other fan-filled locations.

Gary was already pretty accustomed to the limelight from being by Fisher's side for so many years. But Billie and her father, Bryan Lourd, don't share the same enthusiasm for Gary's public appearances. According to TMZ, the family believes Gary is not the best representation of Fisher's legacy and have allegedly requested that certain special appearances featuring Gary be cancelled and have even asked that his popular Instagram account be shut down.


It likely won't help Billie and Bryan Lourd's case that there's a confirmed critter in the upcoming Star Wars movie who was inspired by Gary, whom fans have dubbed #SpaceGary.

Though he is arguably just a pup, Gary has risen to some pretty impressive fame in his own right and hopefully the humans in his life will work out a solution that makes everyone, especially Gary, happy.