18 Pictures All Pet Lovers Need To See

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Trust us, these cuties will not disappoint.

1. "We got the boys some new outfits since they’ve been doing so much hard work around the house. What are these fellas building??"

2. "Tito's reaction to seeing his human mom in the bath for the first time ever is priceless!"

3. "Can anybody spot Buehrle? Hide and seek champion for three years running."

4. "Olive is excited she matches her new blankie #twinning #squee #toocute"

5. "Nala has no concept of personal space (and I love it)"

6. "WE GOT A NEW HUMAN, YOU GUYS. I LOVE IT AND NOBODY CAN TOUCH IT EXCEPT OUR MOM AND DAD, OK?! So DON'T try. 😠 But I'm not supposed to lick its face, because 'ThAt'S UnSaNiTaRy, zEpPeLiN' 🙄 ok WHATEVER MOM. I'm still gonna do it."-Zeppelin the Black Dog (and 'his' new baby human)

7. "Missy Katizzy is half-cat, half-monorail."

I could literally watch this all night.

8. "My mom's greyhound is the derpiest-looking doggo I've ever seen. I love him."

9. "When you get facepainted for the first time and ask to look like your cat 😂❤💅"

10. "We're gonna need a bigger bed." - These adorable tuxedos and Jaws fans, probably

11. [Mission Impawsible theme plays in background] "Hanging the laundry out today and a surprise helper turned up."

12. "Photo taken seconds before disaster 🙈 😱"

Updated: She just powered the laptop down. No documents were lost, and cuddles were had.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

13. "These premises patrolled by a giant marshmallow. 12/10 would find v. intimidating."

14. "Caught my pup hyping himself up - today's the day he finally catches that hecking squirrel!"

15. "Almost totaled my truck trying to avoid this knucklehead! His name is now Tank and he fears nothing"

16. "Hmmmm🤔🤔 I've always felt she looks like something but could never put my finger on it until now. Should I be scared?🤣 #lookalikedogchallenge"

17. "Dobby activated italics mode while meeting the big cats for the first time 😅"

18. "Can someone Photoshop her onto a Slip 'N Slide?"



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