17 Foster Fails That Prove Resistance Is Futile

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You said they weren't staying long, but these pets knew they had already found their new forever home.

1. "Lil Pillow found a home! Turns out she was in it all along. #fosterfail"

2. "My mommy is signing some pretty important paperwork! Does anyone have any guesses as to what it’s for?! #fosterfail"

3. "#throwbackthursday to the first day I brought him home at 10 weeks old. Thank you to @legacyofhopedogrescue for allowing to me be his foster mom first, then full time forever mom after major #fosterfailure ❤️🐾"

4. "Three years ago today we foster 'failed'! Iris was part of our second litter of fosters ever. Her siblings, Barry Allen, Cisco, and Caitlin were adopted before her. We couldn’t get her out of our minds and kept checking in on her, and when her adoption fell through, we went back and adopted her ourselves. 🙀⁣"

5. "Two beds right next to each other but they have to share one. 🥹🥰 I love them so much!"

6. "🎉 Happy Gotcha Day to Willow, 14 years old (estimated), who joined our pack as our first-ever foster four years ago today. She had been found as a stray in Tennessee and brought to NYC. We love you so much Willow! ❤️❤️❤️❤️"

7. "Our foster fail Misty. Queen of the puppy head tilt."

8. "Introducing Mr Tibbles, foster fail bebe. His littermates all found homes but this one worked his way into my heart and this is the result."

9. "My first ever foster fail, Danny!! He’s my 19th foster kitten so I held out for a while. I tried to put up a defense, I really did. 🤣"

10. "I am officially a #fosterfail today! Happy official #gotchaday"

11. "Well I was supposed to foster this cat but..... her name is Wednesday and she has six toes what was i supposed to do?!Show me your foster fails so I feel better about having zero self control!"

12. "This is Gizmo and out of the 40+ cats and kittens we’ve fostered in the last year and a half, he’s our first (and ONLY) foster fail! We just can’t let him go 💝 he’s my quarantine baby and he saved me 🥰"

13. "Grew too attached to my foster, Teddy, to ever say goodbye. #adopted #fosterfail"

14. "The latest foster fail... I may have a problem ... but I think she's settling in."

15. "After 8 weeks together Noushka and Misty are no longer fosters....

...but official new members of our family! #fosterfails"

16. "💋 Kisses for his new mommy! Rick - now named Kobe - has been adopted by his foster. #fosterfail"

17. "This is Kit. He was a stray. I told myself I wouldn’t keep him. And then I moved across town to a new, pet-friendly apartment and kept him. MASSIVE foster fail."


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