Can You Find The Elusive, White Kitty Hidden In This Photo?

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Meet Pierogi, an adorable kitteh with a white-as-snow coat and gray, eyebrow-shaped streaks below the ears.

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Like most cats, she has a mischievous side — and a history of hiding in unexpected places.

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Take, for example, this exasperating snap, which was posted to Twitter by her human mom, Grace Spelman.

"Tomorrow is trash day and the queen of trash, Pierogi, is hiding in protest," she quipped.

Stumped? Here's the same pic, only bigger.

And courtesy of Spelman, here's a helpful hint that can be used to crack the code:


"This one's a toughie. Hint/spoiler: might wanna turn up your brightness."

Even with the clue, however, people were at wit's end.

"20 minutes now & nothing..nada! Waaaaaaaaah," lamented this person.

"I give up. Is she in the bag?" pleaded a second.

Most commenters zeroed in on the white pile of garbage at the center of the would-be optical illusion.

And while that was a good and understandable guess, it wasn't entirely correct.


The four-legged Houdini, you see, posted up next to the collected refuse, using it as camouflage to blend into the shadows behind her.

Zooming in reveals just how deeply she had retreated.

Folks were pretty shook by Pierogi's disappearing act.


"I gAsped," squealed this woman.

"Pierogi I almost couldn't find you. you were doing me a frighten," confessed another.

"My god this took me forever," wrote one man with a sigh of relief.

"Hardest one yet," noted this woman with a refrain echoed by several others on the thread.

Indeed, as the "yet" implies, Pierogi has a habit of vanishing into thin air, something Spelman has documented with the platform's mixtape tool, a/k/a a Twitter Moment.

Finding the sneaky feline has even emerged as a popular parlor game of sorts, with followers jockeying to claim the first spot.


Are you an expert-level cute spotter? Test your skills in the tweets embedded below!

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