23 Proud Dog Moms & Dog Dads Posing For Pictures With Their Puppies

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"I made dis" — all of these proud parent puppers.


1. Literally beaming right now.

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2. Here lies the body of freelance writer Travis Greenwood (1976-2017). Cause of death: Cuteness Overload.

3. Big dot, little dot.


5. Ain't no puddle like a cuddle puddle!

6. Collies, collies everywhere.

7. Look at all these future firehouse boofs.

8. So cute I puked in my mouth.

9. They come from a family with a history of service in ... wait for it ... paw enforcement (soz, not soz).

10. "You're probably wondering how we ended up in this situation ... "

11. * Squees forever *

12. They didn't choose the snug life; the snug life choose them.

13. Cutest. Selfie. Ever.

14. This gives new meaning to breakfast in bed. 😂 😂 😂

15. "Just admiring my handiwork, carry on as you were."

16. A mother's love means always keeping an eye on your babies.

17. "Me and my mini me."

18. "I, a big wrinkle, made all of these smaller wrinkles."

19. Just some tiny German Shepherd puppers trying to break free of mama's puppetentiary.

20. Pool parties have never looked so adorable.

21. "He definitely got my eyes!" — this pug dad

22. Because the family that wrastles together is the family that stays together.

23. 10/10 rotti fans would fave this picture on Instagram.

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