29 Pets Whom The Force Is Definitely With

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is FINALLY here and these animals are probably even more excited than you are. Here are 29 animals who definitely have The Force with them.

1. You won't be able to root against Stormtroopers ever again.


3. And R2-D Too Cute.

4. Cutest Chewbacca ever? We think so.

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6. The Dark Side never looked so cute.

7. This cat GETS it.

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8. The ears are the most compelling part of this costume.

9. No hands. Take that, Luke.

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10. He's selling the wheezing better than any actor ever has.

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11. Has anyone or anything ever looked more regal?

12. Everyone is always so hard on the ewoks.

13. But maybe this can help change their minds.

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14. Yep, consider minds changed.

15. Don't care that this isn't real. It's amazing and that's better than real.

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16. Help me, internet animal lovers, you're my only hope.

17. And help me, too. What she said.

18. Someone failed to think this costume out.

19. This Good Boy takes his cosplay very seriously.

20. And THIS is the most unique dog Star Wars cosplay we've seen.

21. Sorry, Rey and Poe, but THIS is BB-8's actual best friend.

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22. And this cat would like to lay claim to second best friend.

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23. Is it pathetic to be jealous of a cat's playhouse?

24. She makes the hairstyle work.

25. Finally, we see why people think Kylo Ren is so cute.

26. Even the Death Star is no match for the power of cat.

27. We can't even.

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28. RIP, us.

29. Why weren't we invited to this watch party?