This Beagle Is So Excited After Getting The Best Christmas Gift Ever

The holidays came early this year for Maymo the lemon beagle.

In a new video, the famous pup — he of the wildly popular YouTube channel and 163,000+ followers on Instagram — follows a trail of stuffed animals to his family's Christmas tree where, much to his surprise, he's greeted with a stack of a toy beagles, some even wearing plush Santa hats.

And at the bottom of that pile is a second surprise: The ghost of Christmas present, his new brother from another mother, an adorable beagle puppy dubbed Potpie!

(I know, I know, I can't even deal with the premise of this four-legged meet-cute myself.)

After a couple of casual, get-to-know-you-sniffs, the pair start diving under chairs, tugging at wrapping paper, and horsin' around like old friends.


If anyone needs me, I'll be hyperventilating into a paper bag.


Keep it locked here to the site because something tells us we'll be 👀 much more of Maymo & Potpie in the weeks and months to come.