This Disheveled Cat Would Like You To Know He Doesn't Do Mondays

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Not all of us hop out of bed immediately ready for the day. For most people, it takes a minute to recover from an intense sleep session — especially if you had rough night. Nothing embodies that feeling better than the face and eyes of this sleepy, disheveled-looking cat.

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The video was shared on reddit and quickly became pretty popular. And it's easy to see why so many humans and animals alike can identify with this tired kitten.


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The longing stare. The crazy hair. The inability to concentrate. The general lack of interest in the world around us. Who among us hasn't, at some point in our lives, been this cat?

From Nick Nolte to Bill Murray, people have all sorts of celebrity comparisons.


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The cat's real name is Barnaby and he's somewhat of an Instagram celebrity.

Though he may have just woken up from a nap, he pretty much always looks more or less like that.

Over 70,000 people follow him because of his unique dreamy style.

His Instagram profile says that he's not only a Shaded Golden Doll Faced Persian cat, but he's also one busy kitten, which could help explain why, some days, he can wake up feeling a little off.

After all, Barnaby does pack his day with many important meetings and play sessions.