Greyhound Dashes Around Backyard Race Track Dug Out Of Snow

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When life gives you snow lemons, make snow lemonade.


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That was what Jay Moschella, a curator at the Boston Public Library, (probably) thought when 13 inches of the white stuff blanketed his backyard garden during the so-called bomb cyclone storm thingy that lashed the East Coast last week.

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But where some might see hardship, Moschella saw opportunity — and so he reached for his shovel.

The end result? A crossless, figure 8 groove dug from the piles of frozen precip. And one of his pups, a greyhound, couldn't get enough of it.


"Desperate times. Had to shovel a Formula 1 track through the back yard for the greyhounds," he captioned video of the good boy dashing pell-mell around the curved banks. (Hover over to play.)

Impressed with the man's idea and execution, the Content Gods smiled down on the tweet, which quickly caught a draft of likes (252,000+) and shares (61,000+) to the top of Twitter's leader board (a/k/a the Moments tab).

And the dog wasn't the only one that loved it.

"I could watch that all day," wrote one woman.

"If you need me, I'll be in my backyard with a shovel..." added another.

The OP also prompted a flurry of photo replies anchored around dogs — some fellow greyhounds, some not — braving the winter blast in jackets, coats, tunics, and the like.


"Jay, this is my greyhound...Neeko. Our previous greyhound would have raced yours in that track! Neeko, um not so much!"

Still, there was one notable holdout: Moschella's other greyhound, who wanted nothing to do with the snowy slot car-like trench.

"Greyound 1 still going. Greyhound 2 still refusing to go outside in this cold." 😂 😂 😂

(You be you, Greyhound #2, there's no shame here because Cuteness [dot] com the website is a safe space for all doggos.)

For his part, the librarian's new found viral celebrity was enough to make him rethink his life choices to date:


"The online response this has garnered suggests that it's time for me to stop posting about rare and culturally significant books and start posting about dogs running in snow."

Gotta give the people what they want, amirite or AMIRITE?!?