Just 21 Adorable Animals Wearing Cute Hats

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Which of the following animals looks cutest in a hat? A) Dog; B) Cat; C) Lizard; D) Horse. Trick question! The answer is all of them. They're all the cutest.

1. So dapper!

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2. Hipster dog wouldn't be caught dead in a Petco.

3. Go team!

4. Was the Mad Hatter always this adorable?

5. Raise your hand if you instinctually trust this dog to be your trail guide.

6. There's a new sheriff in town, folks.

7. The Blues Puppers are on a mission from Dog.

8. "What the ... ? Uh. Okay ..."

9. Nice hat, bro!

10. Look who's ready for the Kentucky Derby.

11. Olé, or whatever.

12. Someone call the vet, because this hamster is lookin siiiiick!

13. Très chic(k).

14. Hats are an important part of keeping yourself protected from the harsh desert sun.

15. We're nuts about this hat!

16. It's called fashion. Look it up.

17. Mittens found the perfect hat to wear to her fourth husband's funeral.

18. Fedorable.

19. A round of applause for the daring individual who convinced a tiger to wear a hat.

20. Welcome to Pizza Hut. Hope you like peppurroni on your pie.

21. What a babe!