Corgi Who Thinks He's Sushi Has Important Bed Hack To Share

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Most people get into bed the boring old fashioned way by pulling the covers back and sliding in underneath.


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But then Cooper the Corgi is not most people.

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In a new video uploaded to Instagram earlier this week, the adorable boof sushi rolls himself to sleep with a game-changing technique that's equal parts genius and adorbs.

"Bread to be a roll model," reads the clip's very punny caption. (Hover over to play.)

Because the social web is nothing if not social, the clever lifehack was reposted to Reddit as a GIF, where it promptly caught fire and rode a surge of upvotes to the top of the r/aww leaderboard — and later the site's homepage itself, where it was greeted with a bevy of Chamillionaire quotes and breakfast-in-bed jokes.

🎶 They see me rollin / They hatin 🎶

"We're in 2018, that dog's in 3018," quipped one commenter.


"Taco bout a smart doggo," added a second.

"That bark at the end means 'Ok I did the thing where's my TREAT??'. I know because my corgi does this too. So bossy!," warned another.

While a moment in the viral sun would be a crowning achievement for most pups, it's old hat for Cooper on Instagram, where he has 25,000+ followers.

And judging by some of the recent snaps on his feed, this Bay Area good boy is clearly living his very best life.

For more of Cooper's hijinks, follow him at Instagram.