15 Dogs Who Want You to Throw The Dang Ball Already

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"Carol, we're gonna need to make fetch happen more in 2018" — all these good boys.

1. "Look, I can't throw it and catch it."

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2. "Ready when you are!"

3. "If fetch isn't your thing, I'm happy to kick the footie around a bit."

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4. "No lights? No problem!"

5. "I wasn't joking. The night time really is the right time (for a game of fetch with a glow ball)."

6. "Oh hai. Can you help me with something? You know, when it's convenient ... "

7. "It takes two to tango, human."

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8. His favorite song is "Don't Stop Retrieving" by 80s rockers, Journey.

9. "Good luck trying this with the cat."

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10. "Just throw it as far as you can and I'll do the rest."

11. "Some dogs drop hints. Me? I take a more direct approach."

"If it's round, small, and fits in my mouth, I will give chase." -- this dog

12. "Here's the deal: I'll agree that Die Hard is a Christmas movie if you agree to throw the ball already."

13. "Work with what you got, amirite or AMIRITE?!?!" — this corg

14. "I could fit that in my mouth." #challengeaccepted

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15. "You had one job!!! Humans are hereby canceled." — this strong, independent doggo who isn't afraid to outsource your role to technology because efficiency.

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