16 Cats Trying Catnip For The First Time

The first time your cat tries catnip is definitely the weirdest time.

1. "How do I know when it's working?"

I think it's working, cat.

2. "How do you know if you ate too much?"

Cat passed out by some cat nip
credit: sonderr

You ate too much catnip, cat.

3. "OMG I am super hungry. And this pizza is the most delicious food I've ever eaten."

Cat, you're got the munchies.

4. "I am one with the universe."

Sure you are buddy.

5. "Moths are like, so weird. They're like the dark angels of the insect world."

Uh, okay.

6. "I'm flying!"

Cat laying on floor
credit: Dexter33

No, you're upside down cat.

7. "These bubbles are blowing my mind."

8. "Whoa, man."

9. "My paw. It's like, soooo furry."

"I mean, have you ever just like, looked at your paw?"

10. "Have I shown you my sweet ninja cat moves?"


11. He's been doing this for hours ....

12. "I like the catnip."

Cat with cat nip
credit: AikenDrumn69

I know you do, cat.

13. "This is the best TV show."

Cat watching tv
credit: blinkooo

He's been watching that pressure cooker infomercial over and over.

14. "Have you ever, you know, just like looked at yourself?"


15. It may have been his first time trying cat nip, but it will not be his last.

"I love you catnips."

16. So much potential, wasted.