Minnesota Dad WOWS Everyone With Game-Changing Dog Hack

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“Thou hath forsaken me”

Time may be an arbitrary construct imposed by man in an effort to bring order to everyday life, but that doesn't mean history isn't littered with transformative moments worthy of eternal remembrance and enshrinement.


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Here are but a few:

2490 B.C.: The pyramids of Giza, which still stand today, are completed.

1440: Johannes Gutenberg ushers in the era of literacy with the creation of the printing press.

1969: Man walks triumphantly on the lunar landscape that is the moon.

Add to this pantheon February 10, 2018, when, in a stroke of genius, a Minnesota dad suspends his dog from a makeshift harness Macgyvered from a cheap handbag and pull-up bar.

Why? To trim the reluctant pup's overgrown nails, obvs.


"My dog hates his nails getting clipped so my dad literally bought a purse & cut holes in it," read the photoset's caption, which was eloquently penned by the man's teenage daughter.

Posted to the microblogging platform known as Twitter (est. 2006) earlier this week, images of the game-changing life-hack awed the digital masses with their unprecedented, paradigm-shfting brilliance.

And unlike most everything else on the modern internet, praise for the inventor as both a man and a father was universal.

"This is the most extra I have ever seen dad swag be. The headlamp and everything. Omfg."

"How do all dads have these innovative ideas in their head? They are seriously secret inventors."

"This man in the year 3005..."

"Your dad single?"

Naturally, the pup, whose name remains unknown, also came in for the meme treatment.


"What did I do to deserve such an arduous life."

“I’m a good doggo and this is how they treat me? I see where we stand.”

“He could’ve at least put me in a Gucci bag”

"They’re smiling and laughing now but one day I will have my revenge and I shall raise hell with Lucifer at my side."

"Hi. This is me. You’re probably wondering how I got myself into this situation... well here’s the story."

As Albert Einstein or William Shakespeare would note, the only problem with manifesting such acumen halfway through you life is that everything from this point on pales in comparison. Here's hoping this most extra of dads has a worthy encore up his sleeve before regressing into the long tail of mediocrity.

As always, keep it locked to this space — Cuteness for future best practices in the grooming space. 😉