17 Glimpses Into Your Pet's Secret Life That Will Blow Your Mind

What are pets doing when their humans aren't around to supervise? The answers might surprise you.

1. They're rearranging the living room ....

2. .... and climbing onto things they've been told (repeatedly) to stay off.

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3. Like the off-white chair in the living room ....

4. .... and the new couch ....

5. .... and your bed. #forbiddenfruit

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6. Or they're breaking into the pantry ....

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7. .... and drinking all the booze.

8. Some are plotting escapes ....

9. .... and sneaking off to secret, pet-only speakeasies.

10. Others try on your favorite clothes.

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11. Or fire up the grill ....

12. .... and take a dip out back. #poolparty

13. Some pets pass the time by streaming their favorite films ....

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14. .... grooving to their favorite tunes (which we know from science is reggae) ...

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15. .... and posting selfies to the Dogspotting Facebook page.

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16. But lest you think it's all fun and games, some pets actually try to pitch in during their human's absence. Such as this very good boy. 😉

17. And of course, some get worried sick when you aren't there right at 5 to fill their bowl. #dontforgettocall

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Do your pets get up to mischief when you aren't around? Share their antics in the comments below!