24 Pets Who Are Obsessed With Bags

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Cats love bags! Dogs love bags! Food comes in bags! Bags bags bags!

1. This is the only gift I would not return.

2. I trained this dog to steal expensive hand bags.

It was easy. I can train your dog too.


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3. "I live here now. In this bag."

4. It was a cinch to litter box train these kittens.

5. It's like a box, but it's a bag!

This is like a crab abandoned one shell in favor of a better one.


6. This Cogi is doin' me a startle.

Very spooky!


7. Okay, I think this cat likes bags the most.

8. "Mmm Fritos. They smell like my feet."

9. "Wanna come over and hang out?"




10. Where are your feets, dog?!

So many questions.


11. You always destroy what you love.

12. This is one scary bag!

13. "It me."

14. It's called fashion, look it up.

15. Your gym bag smells scary.

16. "Do your magic, Monkey!"

17. He totes loves riding in this tote bag.

He's toteally into it.



18. "All the comforts of a comfy hammock and the nice crinkles of a plastic bag — it's purrfection."

19. Double trouble!

20. This is why I don't go to the gym.

21. Aww! It's a little sleepbun bag!

22. This is a new sport that I'm really into.

23. Sometimes cats do not like bags.

How could you betray me so, bag?


24. As much as cats and dogs like bags, they have nothing on baby kangaroos.

They like, live in bags.


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