24 Pets Who Are Obsessed With Bags

Cats love bags! Dogs love bags! Food comes in bags! Bags bags bags!

1. This is the only gift I would not return.

2. I trained this dog to steal expensive hand bags.

It was easy. I can train your dog too.

3. "I live here now. In this bag."

4. It was a cinch to litter box train these kittens.

5. It's like a box, but it's a bag!

6. This Cogi is doin' me a startle.

Corgi wearing a paper bag with eyes and snout hole
credit: raythegibson

Very spooky!

7. Okay, I think this cat likes bags the most.

8. "Mmm Fritos. They smell like my feet."

Dog with his head in a Fritos bag

9. "Wanna come over and hang out?"

Cat hanging in a plastic bag
credit: adamup1994


10. Where are your feets, dog?!

Dog in a tote bag, being toted
credit: jad2192

So many questions.

11. You always destroy what you love.

Cat sitting on crate, which contains a bag of the cat's food
credit: maskedbella

12. This is one scary bag!

13. "It me."

Dog sitting by a bag of dog food featuring a dog of the same breed
credit: ButtButtface

14. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Supurrcat!

Cat wearing a plastic bag like a cape
credit: shandrono

"I stand for catnip, for toy mousies, and for a well-fed future!"

15. Your gym bag smells scary.

16. "Do your magic, Monkey!"

17. He totes loves riding in this bag.

Dog really happy about getting a ride in a tote bag
credit: arfwoofawooo

He's toteally into it.

18. "All the comforts of a comfy hammock and the nice crinkles of a plastic bag — it's purrfection."

Cat using a plastic bag as a hammock
credit: willek

19. Double trouble!

Two puppies in a dog food bag
credit: Genjio

20. This is why I don't go to the gym.

21. Aww! It's a little sleepbun bag!

22. This is a new sport that I'm really into.

23. Sometimes cats do not like bags.

24. As much as cats and dogs like bags, they have nothing on baby kangaroos.

They like, live in bags.