16 Dogs Cozying Up Next to the Fireplace

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Cats, it appears, aren't the only ones who like a source of free warms.

1. "I'm 100% sure Lil Pete just added another log to the fire."

That guilty look on his face tho.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "Bentley smiling in his sleep by the (glassed-in) fireplace 🥰"

3. "I work hard so my dog can sleep in front of a warm fire with his favorite stuffed banana."

4. "Stay warm and toasty my friends! Love, Coconuts 🥥💕💕"

5. "I am pretty sure if she could, she’d get in there."

6. "It's always a rerun but I love this show"

7. "It might be snowing outside ❄️ but I’m covered with this amazing fireplace to keep me warm 🥵"

8. "The outside is very wet and very cold so I will be taking up residence as a full-time fireplace doggo until the wintering has stopped!"

9. "Get someone to look at you the way Bosco looks at a warm fire on a cold country night"

10. "I think he likes the firebox thingy 🤣"

11. "What can I say? He’s the sweetest damn soul I know."

LOL — we'll allow it.


12. "Quite possibly the best fireplace picture I’ve ever taken. 😊 Murphy loves cozy time by a fire."

13. "The face she makes when she wants me to add more wood to the fire"

14. "Butter Bean warming her belly and living her best life"

15. "Hims doin' a snooze under the stockings"

16. "Do you know a better place to relax by on Friday night? 🔥🐶"