16 Dogs Cozying Up Next to the Fireplace

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Cats, it appears, aren't the only ones who like a source of free warms.

1. "I'm 100% sure Lil Pete just added another log to the fire."

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That guilty look on his face tho.


2. "Bentley smiling in his sleep by the (glassed-in) fireplace 🥰"

3. "I work hard so my dog can sleep in front of a warm fire with his favorite stuffed banana."

4. "Stay warm and toasty my friends! Love, Coconuts 🥥💕💕"

5. "I am pretty sure if she could, she’d get in there."

6. "It's always a rerun but I love this show"

7. "It might be snowing outside ❄️ but I’m covered with this amazing fireplace to keep me warm 🥵"

8. "The outside is very wet and very cold so I will be taking up residence as a full-time fireplace doggo until the wintering has stopped!"

9. "Get someone to look at you the way Bosco looks at a warm fire on a cold country night"

10. "I think he likes the firebox thingy 🤣"

11. "What can I say? He’s the sweetest damn soul I know."

LOL — we'll allow it.


12. "Quite possibly the best fireplace picture I’ve ever taken. 😊 Murphy loves cozy time by a fire."

13. "The face she makes when she wants me to add more wood to the fire"

14. "Butter Bean warming her belly and living her best life"

15. "Hims doin' a snooze under the stockings"

16. "Do you know a better place to relax by on Friday night? 🔥🐶"


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