18 Wholesome Posts About Pets That Will Make Your Heart Sing

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Raise your hand if you're only on social media for the cats and dogs.

1. "My elderly neighbor loved Luke so much when she met him, she started showing up to my apartment during her walks to ask if he'd like to accompany her. Now, when I walk him, every time I pass someone they shout 'HI LUKE!' Because he has met them while out with my other neighbor.

tl;dr: My dog has more friends than I do currently."

2. "Ace had his first hot dog + baseball game today. He was extremely excited for both, but more so for the hot dog."

3. "This is Gryff. He was rescued from inside a coworker's engine in the library parking lot. He is now our library mascot. #librarykitty"

4. "I was looking for my dog and walked right past him. Had a moment of panic when I couldn’t find him! That’s when I finally saw him sleeping on his bear. 😅"

5. "Helping the dog eat"

6. "Who has two thumbs and is a failed foster parent? This girl. Fell in love with these two walnuts and couldn’t imagine separating them."

7. "Second week of school for Autumn has been amazing! She already knows when her backpack is on is school time! 🤣🥰"

8. "Them: 'You can't fly, you're a dog.' Me: "I can disprove the veracity of that statement."

9. "Oh yeah, that's the spot. Don't stop doing that."

10. "My coworker is very distracted today but in his defense, the view is really good."

11. "I tried to take a “Day 1” pic because I wanna lose weight/workout. My cat was like, 'nah sweetie… you don’t wanna see that.' 🤣"

12. "You know the drill: Take a stick, leave a stick."

13. "Lili trying to confiscate her dad’s salad."

Okay, fine, this one is more LOL than wholesome but come on!


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

14. "He lays like this daily. 🤣"

15. "Went to pick up my prescription from CVS and they had one for Nila too. 🥰"

16. "I just want our dog to love me as much as he loves my husband."

17. "OH. MY. GOD. I bought this camper at Ross because it was on the floor and they didn’t know what it was and it didn’t have a price tag and it had a couple dings so they were like 'would you take it out of our way for $19.99' so I carried it around the mall like a lunatic because I’ve always wanted a vintage camper and this seemed like the closest I was ever going to get.

Neither of my cats were interested. For like MONTHS I left it in the way in my tiny apartment convinced that one day SOMEONE would appreciate it. Rescuing this big boy was a ~2 month process but now a few weeks in HE GETS IT. 😻😻😻"

18. "The cutest little bed-making helper."


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