People Are Sharing Portraits Of Their Cat & Dog "Fur Siblings" And It Is Too Pure

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Brought together by chance, circumstance and the whim of human impulse, adopted animals are often thrust into what could be untenable relationships with other pets — especially when it's a member of another species.

But when they land in loving homes with adoring parents, the potential personality disagreements tend to melt away like a cup of ice cream on a hot summer day.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

That's the takeaway from an squee-inducing Facebook thread (seriously, it's stirring ALL OF THE FEELS) in which pet owners are sharing snaps of their cohabitating cats and dogs that are basically the equivalent of peace on earth.

Exactly like such.

"Brought this lil kitty home a week ago and they’ve been inseparable ever since! Instant best friends 😋"

Wholesome as heck, no? Keep scrolling for more of our faves, which we've cobbled into list form below.


1. "Oh my stars, my heart exploded when I clicked on this."

2. "These two could be supermodels!"

3. "He'll get a t-shirt of his own when he grows a little bigger." #squadgoals

4. "They've conspired to repossess my bed. Again."

5. "These are my kids. Both crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but I am sure they are as inseparable now as they were back then ❤️"

6. "When huddles meet cuddles."

7. "I think I got pregnant just looking at this picture."

8. "Oh hai, you're home .... early. We didn't hear you come in." #busted

9. "We got our kitten two days ago and now my dog is adamant she’s his mum! It’s cute but annoying at the same time! She hogs the kitten!!!"

10. "I often come home to find this very scene."

11. "Oliver sitting on top of Cosmo. Oliver bites when he's disturbed, so the dog was too scared to move 😂"

12. "I promise they love each other LOL."

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13. "Freddy & Noddy in the car 🚗"

14. "I didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose me” -- this tabby

15. "Nitro and Alice Cooper"

"Working together to get the foods"

16. "Since day one Ryder has always been Leo's big bro 😍"

17. "They look nothing alike, but they’re definitely best buddies!!"

18. "Brothers from another mutha"

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19. "She's one of the pack & always with one of our three dogs."

20. "Keeping the dream of interspecies friendship alive!"

21. "We still haven't found da right time to tell Socks that Clyde is not his real mom, and he's not dog... This guy adores Clyde, and loves all da other dogs too."

22. "These two have snuggled hard since day one."

23. "It's a 24-7-365 cuddle puddle in this house."

24. Of course, not every canine-feline duo clicks right away: "I wouldn't call them 'friends'..... but they haven't tried to kill each other yet 😂 😂 😂"

Are your pets inseparable besty beasties? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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