22 Photos That Prove Reptiles Can Be Adorable Too

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It's okay if you're creeped out by things that slither and crawl. We get it. But won't you give these lil guys a chance?

1. This new 'do has her feeling oh so fine.

2. Ahh, that's the spot.

3. "Where the heck did I put my hat?"

4. "'Allo, darlin'. Can I interest you in some ... car insurance?"

5. Just trying to figure out where that beautiful, charming music is coming from.

6. "That's my boy!"

7. It's hard to be afraid of something that looks like a judgmental shoelace.

8. "Those shoes? With that belt? Ooh, girl, I don't know."

9. "All this? For me?"

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10. No snakes here, just a little bunny rabbit.

11. smol snek has struggles too

12. This year's most coveted fashion accessory: tiny snake scrunchie!

13. "Lookin' good, kid."

14. Your family loves you and wants you to be happy.

15. He won't even let you pick the radio station.

16. Doggo doin snek a concern

17. Amphibian break!

18. hooman doing the boop

19. "What are you looking at? Never seen a tortoise with a tortoise for a hat?"

20. The bearded dragon has evolved to its final form.

21. Got some important calls to make — chameleon business, don'cha know.

22. Enough silliness!