22 Dogs Who Are Totally You On Your Birthday

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Let me tell you about serious birthday feelings through cute dogs doing cute things!

1. You wake up pretty darn excited. It is your birthday, after all.

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2. You are in full birthday princess mode.

3. You put on your cutest dress.

4. And your reddest lipstick.

5. And tons of eyeliner and mascara.*

* On you, not your pup!


6. You make reservations at a fancy restaurant.

7. You order both an appetizer and dessert. #birthdaygirl

8. Birthdays are a perfect excuse to eat anything you want.

9. Of course, you're excited about the food.

10. Birthdays require champagne.

11. And anything else you want to drink!

12. Mostly, it's all about the birthday cake.

It's orange poppy-seed cake with a raspberry filling, cloaked in marzipan, and decorated with orange and pink flowers. It's a very good cake.


13. How about the presents? Did you get new shoes?

14. Or maybe a book from your favorite author, like the latest Stephen King novel?

15. But then, you realize birthdays mean you're getting older.

16. What are you even doing with your life?

17. Just doing the same things, day in and day out. You worry you're not going anywhere.

18. But then you're like, "Whatever, I'm awesome."

19. You get in your jammies.

20. Make cocktails.

It's your birthday. It's fine.


21. Put on your favorite movie.

22. Then go to bed super early, like the newly old person you are.