17 Photos That Basically Prove Cats Are Just Furry House Monkeys

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Sure, the shelter ​said​ you were adopting a cat. But what you really got was a house monkey in disguise. 🤷


1. "I'm why you can't have nice things."

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2. "Hand me a couple of fresh batteries, will you?"

3. "Trust me, this won't hurt a bit."

4. "Regrets? Yeah, I got a few."

5. "I climb, therefore I am."

6. "Technically, I'm available for all sorts of cat burgling, but safe cracking is one of my specialities."

7. "🎶 Started from the bottom now we here 🎶"

8. "Oh hi! 🙃"

9. "Not trying to brag or anything but you should see me at the rock gym."

10. "I was born for this sh*t!"

11. "Because every day is pull-up day in this household."

12. "Oh, hey. You're home early. I must not have heard you come in .... "

13. "My pedigree? Well, according to the humans, I'm half house panther and half house monkey."

14. "They brought me in to reimagine the whole 'If I fits, I sits' thing and that is exactly what I'm gonna do."

15. "I was told there would be bananas."

16. "Cat see, cat do."

17. "According to science, ocelots are said to be the only cats that can climb down. I'm here to prove the haters wrong."

Is your house cat really just a monkey in another form? Share their antics in the comments below!

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