Here Are 16 Cute Fluff Balls To Convince Your Significant Other To Adopt A Kitten

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So my friend wants a kitten and her husband doesn't want a kitten.

1. I don't know why?

2. Kittens are delightful.

"I climb you now."

3. Kittens can hang and be really cool.

4. They tell good jokes.

5. They're into sports.

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6. And that first head bonk ...

7. That first hello ...


8. And you know it's just gonna be a beautiful friendship.

"Okay now feed me and clean my litter box forever hooman."

9. Having a kitten is kinda like having a live-in drinking buddy.

10. Did you forget where the heater was? A kitten will help you find it!

Very helpful around the house!

11. Kittens are easy and convenient to store!

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12. Did you forget your hat? No problem. A kitten is a hat!

13. Good at computers!

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14. Guaranteed to take naps on you!

15. Put 'em in your shoes!