Can You Scroll Through These Chubby Bulldog Puppies Without Screaming 'OMDOG!'?

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A challenge awaits below — can you rise to the occasion?


1. "Diets? Nah, never heard of him."

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2. "Don't worry, the vet says I'll lean out soon."

3. "We're in shape. Round is a shape."

4. "Is it time for 2nd breakfast yet?"

5. "I'm not sad. I'm just drawn that way."

6. It's true: Bulldog puppies have no conception of personal space.

7. Brindle buds.

8. "I didn't choose the wrinkle life, the wrinkle life choose me."

9. Is that a dog or a room service towel animal?

10. Like art, chunky is all in the eye of the beholder.

11. "We're not fat, we just have less fluffy to hide it."

12. Be still my portly heart.

13. Don't let the absence of stripes confuse you: He's an adidas* dog.

  • = ​A​ll ​D​ay ​I​ ​D​ream ​A​bout ​S​nacks

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14. Milk does a growing puppy good.

15. "Can we hit the drive-thru? I'm FAMISHED."


17. More folds than a Swiss Army knife.

18. Raise your hand if you live every day like it's Taco Tuesday.


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