Mad Scientist Rescues Puppy Trapped In Storm Drain With Improvised Drone

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Literally hair-raising

Today in things I never ever thought I would have to type: A real life MacGuyver rescued a puppy stuck at the bottom of a trash-filled storm drain using a drone outfitted with a cutting edge robotic arm.


Ain't technology cool?

The unlikely headline comes to us from Lucklow, India, where the man, Milind Raj, lives and works as a scientist.

In an interview with NDTV, the 27-year-old revealed that he was out for a walk when whimpers drew his attention to an open-air sewer, where he found the pup anxious and distressed.


By his account, the stray had been at the bottom of the 20-foot trench, which was strewn with food debris, for roughly two days.


Finding it too dangerous to climb down and then back up, he retreated to his nearby lab, where over the course of the next six hours, he affixed the mechanical limb to a giant unmanned aerial vehicle.

"The drain was so filthy, it was like a bog," Mr Raj told NDTV. "It was not possible for a human to rescue the puppy without endangering their own life, so I decided to put technology to the task."


Returning to the site, Raj put his improvised invention to the test — one it passed with flying colors (pun totally intended, BOOYAAAAAAH).

"The AI helped me monitor the animal's heart rate. If the grip was too tight, the pup would suffocate," he added.


Video captured by a passerby shows the bemused doggo being helicoptered up onto the street above, like a stuffed animal caught in the grips of a claw crane at your favorite family-friendly restaurant chain.

Watch the dramatic save in the embed below:

In the aftermath of the rescue, Raj announced he would adopt the good boy, who he since dubbed "Lifted" (apropos, yes?).


He also shared an image of his new furry friend doin himself a snooze.

While most on social media were ready to anoint him a hero, some commenters were skeptical of Raj's story (this is why we can't have nice things).


"How was the puppy strapped. And how come it is so squeaky clean when the drain is so dirty," wrote one person.

"I smell a PR stunt," added a second.

"It could have been done faster and easier with a ladder and rope instead. This is a classic example of wasted engineering," opined another.

Your turn: Is Raj a hero from the year 3018 or a self-serving zero? Share your thoughts in the comments below!