Brave Pup Dives Into Backyard Pool To Rescue Four-Legged Bestie

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File under: Good boys looking out for other good boys

Not all heroes, as the internet truism goes, wear capes.


But some definitely wag tails.

Such was the case earlier this month in Sow Low, Arizona, where a good boy named Smokey is being hailed as a hero after he plunged into a backyard pool to give his four-legged BFF, Remus, a desperately needed assist.

According to The Dodo, Remus isn't much of a swimmer (cue the doggie paddle fail jokes), so he typically chills in the shallow end (relatable!).


On this day, though, though, he slipped into the water when the homeowner temporarily stepped away and left the pups unmonitored.

Seeing that his pal was in a state of distress, Smokey promptly darted into the water and helped push his struggling friendo back onto the lip of the pool, after which Remus casually shook it off like it was no big deal.

The story would likely have gone unnoticed had it not been for a surveillance cam trained on the family's backyard.

After reviewing footage of the dramatic save, Smokey's humans did what most of us would these days: They posted it to Reddit, where it promptly rode a wave of upvotes to the site's homepage, before spilling — like Remus himself — into the depths of other social media platforms.


Watch the whole thing below:

When asked for comment after, Smokey pawed off the hero talk (come on, give him a 🏅already), saying simply that he would rather eat lightbulbs than watch his playmate drown.*

* = What we imagined happened if dogs could talk.