16 Cats Overdosing On The Nip

Another spring, another crop of bad kittehs getting hooked on the green stuff.

1. "When catnip is life!"

2. Wait for it ... *

Asterisk = the ego might be bruised but his body was fine.

3. "When you're more like their dealer than their fur mom."Β πŸ˜‚Β πŸ˜‚Β πŸ˜‚

4. Get someone to look at you the way this cat looks at a scratching post dusted with fresh nip.

16 cats overdosing on the nip
"Happiness is a #scratchingpost with #catnip on it."
credit: rj.strocchio / Instagram

5. "We can't stop here, this is catnip country!"

6. Meowing down!

16 cats overdosing on the nip
credit: zombie_rave / Instagram

7. "Cats eat the catnip plant ... then proceed to destroy the pepper plant in their catnip induced munchie state. I cant."


8. "Someone found the freshly planted catnip outdoors. Even though he demolished the plant, it looked like he had a good time."

9. "Popped down to the plot to do some watering tonight and found the little allotment cat having a good old roll in the catnip clippings from a plant I trimmed the other day! 😻 I don’t think he even noticed I was there!"

10. "Freshly planted catnip, so of course The Taz is eating it like the nip-fiend he is ... "

"Follow-up pic: post-nip mellow. #YYC #NipResponsibly"

11. β€œI should get a catnip plant.”


12. "Well, at least the cat nip got her to use the new cat tree ... sort of." 🀷 🀷 🀷

13. "Crazy 4 catnip 😜"

14. "Impromptu catnip harvest today! Enjoyed by all! 😏 🐾 🐈 🌾"

15. The first step is admitting you have a problem, kitty.

16. The perils of addiction: A story told in 4 panels.

16 cats overdosing on the nip
Before the nip vs after the nip
credit: lisalane647 / Instagram

Have you spoken to your furbabies about the dangers of too much nip?!?!