18 Pet Photos That Reveal The Hilarious Truth About Being An Only Child

I am an only child and I turned out great!

1. We know that sharing is for suckers.

Kitten not sharing food
credit: sfw.org

2. We never had to wear hand-me-down clothes.

3. Our parents were over-protective.

4. We had to learn how to have fun by ourselves.

5. Yep. We spent a lot of time playing games we invented.

6. "I don't need siblings, I'll just play with this empty water bottle!"

7. We don't really get the appeal of board games since we never had anyone to play them with.

8. We have a healthy concept of "mine".

9. We did not have to share our Halloween candy.

10. We never had to fight for our parent's attention.

11. Our poor parents.

12. We did not have to share a bathroom.

13. All the presents under the Christmas tree were ours.

14. Maybe it would have been fun to have built-in friends though.

15. Nah.

16. We usually got our favorite meals.

17. We were very mature children, since we mostly talked to adults.

18. I told my mom I was writing an article about being an only child, and she said, "Remember, we tried our best."

Thank you mom and dad!