21 Hilarious Pranks Pulled By Cats & Dogs

While both cats and dogs have a good sense of humor, there is a difference in the pranks they pull ....

1. That is a good prank.

2. "How about you try and read with this cat paw in your way!"

Good one, cat.

3. Now we know where all the socks go.

4. Most dogs are too nice to follow through on a prank.

5. Cats on the other hand ....

6. Oh no! This dog is gonna prank you by finishing painting your fence!

7. Something tells me there's a cat behind this.

8. Dog pranks are more straight forward, like this:

9. The cat asked the dog if he wanted to go for a walk and he said yes.

10. "Oh no hooman where your pizza go?!"

11. Maybe the biggest cat prank of all is letting us think they want snuggles, but really, they want to bite us.

12. "You growed a puppy!"

13. The cat told him that there were ghosts.

14. "Hello hooman. I am a pretty female hooman."

When your cat catfishes you.

15. Not all cat pranks are high brow.

16. He's going to frame the dog.

17. "You thought I was a monster."

You got us, dog! Good one!

18. That classic prank where you don't get the security deposit back.

19. The dog told her there was yogurt left in the cup ...

20. I'm kinda afraid to find out what the prank is here.

21. Sometimes people play pretty good pranks too ...