20 Funny Photos of Dogs Who Probably Need to Be Rebooted

A hugely popular subreddit shines the spotlight on the habits of derpy dogs that fall somewhere between weird and wonderful. Here's what happens when their operating systems crash and dog.exe stops working.

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1. "A masterclass in how to photobomb."

2. "It's hereditary."

3. "Shibe's gyroscope needs a heckin reset."

4. "I think your dog was a victim of sorcery gone wrong."

5. "This is how she watches out the front door ... "

6. "My roommates dog jumps over my dog ~EVERY~ time they go outside."

7. "I cannot stop laughing at this picture. 😂😂"

8. "One eye on the cake one eye on the camera."

9. "This is how she always sleeps."

10. "Very pleased with herself for opening the tiny cat door."

11. "He has three expensive beds but prefers this brick."

12. "His posture is threatening but his face is hopeful."

13. "People fled in horror when the creature emerged from the depths ..."

14. "Please someone, get a tattoo of this."

15. "A dangerous category K9 storm." #hurricanedoggo

16. "The look I get when it’s playtime."

17. "Well, that's one way to retrieve an item."

18. "She has been in the couch like this for an hour ... "

19. "Perfectly timed picture of my dog running tongue in eyeball."

20. "Every day, with this and only this exact pole."

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1. "A masterclass in how to photobomb."