24 Dogs in Heckin' Predicaments That Are All Too Real

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Tag yourself; I'm the relatable pup in beat no. 22. And no. 4. And no. 5 ...

1. "When you realise you've eaten all the snacks and your little sister tries to comfort you 😔"

2. "When you come in at 3 a.m. to find your mom sitting up like this"

3. "When you lose Wilson 🏐"

4. "When that good space cake hits."

5. "When the cops are at the neighbors house."



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6. "When you work in advertising and you find a typo that the client is gonna be angry about."

7. "when your younger sibling does something you were never allowed to do 😂"

8. "When Netflix asks you if you're still watching."

9. "When the kids ask if you got any games on your phone."

10. "When your annoying coworker asks a stupid question."

11. "When you start to remember everything drunk you did the night before 👀"

12. "When you just want to watch TV and your mom keeps asking 'who’s that? What’s happening?'"

13. "When you wake up on Monday after a weekend in Las Vegas."

14. "When you hear someone opening the treats."

15. "When you make a really bad joke and your friend is not amused 😂"

16. "When you're enjoying the weekend and you suddenly realize tomorrow is Monday."

17. "When you overreacted, but you are too proud to admit you are wrong."

18. "When mom says you’re not allowed snacks before dinner."

19. "When your significant other is shorter than you, but still wants to be big spoon."

20. "When you're saying grace, but look up to find everyone else is already digging in."

21. "When it's been a 'ruff' day and you can finally relax on the couch 😂"

22. "When you badmouth your nemesis at school, but they're standing right behind you and have been listening the whole time."

Foot meets mouth

23. "When someone you don’t like sits next to you."

24. "When another one of your favorites dies on Game of Thrones. The agony!"

Brace yourself, disappointment is coming

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