Just 24 Delightfully Chubby Cats

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While we certainly don't condone overfeeding your kittens, we also can't help but marvel at these absolute mew-nits.

1. "Her cardigan is struggling to button up." 😂 😂 😂

2. "I heard that one time he cut his paw and bled gravy!"

3. "That is the fastest potato I've ever seen"

4. "Wondering if I should make my cat fat by giving it more treats so that I can post its pictures on delightfully chubby."

5. "Garçon! Bring me my grapes!"

6. "At least they don't judge me." [sighs dramatically]

7. "She has privacy tail! Very polite!!!"

8. "Aww, she's learning ballet!!!"

9. "Is that a watermelon with legs?"

10. “Oh, we’re taking a picture? Give me a second.” “Okay, okay, I’m ready.”

11. "That cat looks like he could asphyxiate a full grown person if he sat in the right spot."

12. "It looks like one of those mattresses you order online that expands when you open the box."

13. "My mood is HARD SAME."

14. "If only I could reach this level of idgaf."

15. "The loaf crop is coming in well."

16. "I know you aren’t supposed to pick up strangers' cats, but I couldn’t resist."

17. "Every night at 9 p.m., Winston waits for his dinner. He watches the clock and always knows."

18. "Jerry Garcia been reincarnated as a cat!"

19. "A rare furry manatee beached itself on my driveway."

20. Commenter no.1: "He looks like a stuffed animal." Commenter no.2: "Glad I'm not the only one. I thought this was a sub for real cats."

21. "Bought my cat a cat cave. She sat on it."

22. "You watch the front, and I'll watch the back."

23. "Untangle me ASAP, lest you want to face my wrath!"

24. "Yes, I know. I am EXTRA."